Entry #1

VGAfanatic of deviantART, New to Newgrounds!

2014-01-20 19:13:18 by VGAfanatic

Hello users on NewGrounds! I am VGAfanatic of deviantART. But of course you already knew that. Or maybe you didn't. But that's okay, I've only been on the internet for like, what, seven years now?

But seriously, though, I'm now here on this website to begin anew. After years of expanding on my artistic skills, I've finally acquired the means to create my own animated content, which I will post both here and on YouTube.

I hope to complete my first Flash cartoon by the end of the month or beginning of February, and I've still got plenty others to make over the course of the year. I hope you all enjoy what I come up with and that I can entertain you as I go along.

Until next time!


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